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Disinfectant Smoke Fogging

Disinfectant Smoke

Category : Environmental

Unique Times Call For Unique Treatments.

Disinfectant Smoke Service

Eliminates Mould  Yeast Bacteria  Virus


Newly introduced disinfectant smoke product fumigates and disinfects your home or business. Provide better protection for those you love. Our disinfectant smoke has been proven to have 99.9% efficacy in treating:

  • E. Coli,
  • Staphylococcus Aureus,
  • Avian influenza,
  • Norovirus,
  • Salmonella,
  • Candida Albicans, 
  • Enterococcus Hirae,
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa,.
  • Newcastle Disease Virus and infectious Bursal Disease Virus.


Eliminates All Known Viruses and Bacteria.


Our fumigation service reaches areas conventional disinfectant applicators do not – every crack, crevice and otherwise inaccessible place including inside machinery. Acting as a combined bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal  – we effectively disinfect aerial and all surface areas.

Fumigation treatments can be applied as fogging or smoke bombs and  is suitable for;

communal areas,  residential, and commercial premises, schools, GP practices, dental practices, vets, hotels, gyms, saunas etc.


Why Use Smoke Disinfectant ?


Smoke fumigation is a tried and tested total coverage distribution method for treating pests and disinfecting  with an active ingredient. The characteristics of smoke enables the treatment of airborne and surface based viruses, fungi and bacteria. All vertical and horizontal surfaces are treated including the undersides.


  • Smoke is non-tainting and leaves no residual odour
  • Optimum effective use of small quantities of active ingredient, minimising impact on environment
  • Low groundwater contamination – low environmental impact
  • Post treatment your premises can be re-entered within 2 hours.


Please get in touch if you require more information



Bedbugs Croydon Pest Control

Croydon Pest Control provides training and consultation in pest management and control in and around Greater London for hoteliers. Contact Croydon Pest Control today for details of our Bed Bugs Awareness Course. Tel 0208 765 1301


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Bedbugs in Hotels

Bed bugs vs Hotels who is winning ?

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Bed bugs are winning in Hotels

(BPT) – Bed bugs and hotels, two terms that should be kept as far apart as possible. With the summer travel season now upon us, many families are taking the opportunity to cross continents to reconnect and relax. The goal is simple – to make memories that last a lifetime. Take for example, the Smith family is in vacation-planning mode. Mrs. Smith typically takes the lead with dreams and aspirations of planning their family’s best vacation ever. She starts with a look at her hotel choices on Trip Advisor. According to their website, Trip Advisor is the world’s largest travel site, reaching 340 million unique monthly visitors with reviews of more than 6.5 million accommodations. Mrs. Smith does her research. Is the hotel family-friendly? Does it have a pool? Is it clean? Scanning the reviews of a hotel on her list she reads one traveler’s review that includes a descriptor that no one wants to hear: bed bugs! Mrs. Smith immediately hits the back button. Bed bugs are the very last souvenir she wants her family to bring home. Cross that hotel off the list.

Mrs. Smith is not alone. A recent study conducted by the University of Kentucky found that bed bug reporting on online review sites and social media have a “…big impact on purchasing decisions.” It’s no surprise that both leisure and business travelers would avoid a bed bug infested hotel. Victims of bed bug infestations exploit the internet’s vast readership to describe their bed bug experience resulting in physical distress, sleeplessness, nervousness, anxiety and an extreme disruption in their life. And while on a planned summer vacation with the kids and family… not if they can avoid it!

Meanwhile, across town in a well-appointed corner office, the general manager of a large, nationwide hotel chain, sits reviewing his financial statements. His occupancy rates are down in three of his largest hotels while those same hotel’s operating costs are up. How can that be he asks himself puzzled by the data. Digging deeper, he realizes bed bug infestations occurred in those same three hotels. Rooms were out of service while treatment to the affected room as well as surrounding rooms were being completed. Bed bug treatment costs and loss of rental income negatively hit his bottom line. With internet sites like Trip Advisor, Travelocity and Bed Bug Registry, he wonders how severely those bed bug events impacted traveler’s decisions to stay at those properties.

General managers across the country are feeling the financial bite from bed bugs. According to the same University of Kentucky study previously mentioned, a single online review that mentions bed bugs lowers hotel room value by $38 /£30 for business travelers and $23/£17 for leisure travelers.

What exactly is the state of the current hotel-related bed bug problem? Recent studies found that about 74 percent of pest professionals reported problems with bed bugs in hotel rooms, a truly staggering figure. This rise in bed bugs is coupled with a changing public perception, with 43 percent of people now expressing the attitude that bed bugs are a concern. An occurrence of bedbugs can also massively impact a hotel’s brand reputation. Exposure to legal action continues to rise jeopardizing hotel shareholder equity. Just recently, an American in woman in Virginia  sought $5 million in a lawsuit over bed bugs. A federal judge ruled in her favor and a jury will hear her case.

So, how can a hotelier and a hotel guest both prevent becoming the latest Trip Advisor bed bug-related casualty? Well, there are a number of things that each can do to win this battle. Let’s take a closer look.

* Education is key. Research proves that two-thirds of travelers surveyed by the University of Kentucky last year couldn’t identify a bed bug. Hotel staff and individual travelers are encouraged to be able to recognize a bed bug in its different life stages as well as signs of bed bugs in and around beds.

* Forward thinking in bed bugs treatment has savvy hoteliers and travelers investigating the root of the problem. Savvy hoteliers are designing hotel rooms to be more bed bug resistant.

* Hoteliers and homeowners are adopting preventative measures for their mattresses and/or box springs such as an active mattress liner that kill bed bugs. ActiveGuard(R) Mattress Liners go on like a fitted sheet and can save time, money and energy preventing bed bug infestations from establishing. Sophisticated travelers and hoteliers know that bed bugs are difficult to recognize, and are skilled hitchhikers easily gaining access to the bed. Having an active liner in place that starts working within 10 minutes of contact can assist in saving a room from developing a full-blown bed bug infestation.

While recent reports may show that bed   bugs are winning, the war is not yet over. Embracing technology, educating oneself and taking a proactive approach to this blood-sucking pest can lead to victory for both hoteliers and travelers.

Bedbugs Croydon Pest Control

Croydon Pest Control provides training and consultation in pest management and control in and around Greater London for hoteliers. Contact Croydon Pest Control today for details of our Bed Bugs Awareness Course. Tel 0208 765 1301

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Bed Bugs Croydon

Bed Bugs Control in Croydon

Category : Environmental

Bedsits, shared housing and multi occupancy properties are more likely to have bed bugs due to the movement of people.

Landlords and tenants  claim a 20% web discount from Croydon Pest Control – the bed bug specialists covering South London, Surrey and Kent.

Don’t let the bugs bite – CALL CROYDON PEST CONTROL NOW :

0208 765 1301

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Residential Pest Control Croydon

10% Discount For Residential Customers

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Residential Pest Control  – claim a 10% discount on all domestic Pest Control Services by simply quoting

Call us today  0208 765 1301 or Mobile 07970262139

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