Bed Bug




Bed bug is an insect which is almond shaped, roughly around 5 – 6 mm.

They range from the initial pale beige to a beetle shaped reddish-brown in colour after feeding.

Bed bugs have well developed antennae and their feet have claws, which they use to either crawl or be carried in clothing, luggage or furniture where they can hide, so you will need to be careful when travelling.

It has been known for a Bed bug to survive for six months without food. The adults need to feed every week and can live for up to 4 years. Without treatment the problem will not go away !

Where can I find them?

Any home can be invaded by Bed bugs, however most infestation are within the bedroom.

These creatures both young or adult like to hide out of sight in cracks and crevices during the day, they are mostly found in bed frames, mattresses or behind skirting boards or even behind wallpaper. They only come out just before dawn, to feed on the blood of sleeping humans. Once feeding commences they will lay about 10- 50 eggs daily and take up to 20 days to hatch, they will mature to adulthood within 18 weeks.

Bed bugs & disease ?

Bed bugs are very unpleasant insects, their droppings leave a spotted appearance in the cracks and crevices they live in, they also give off a distinctive odour from their “stink gland”, leaving the room with an almond-like smell when the room is infested with Bed bugs.

It is not known whether they carry disease, their bite can cause some people to react with a severe skin irritation. It has been known to cause some to lose sleep and become lethargic particularly in children.

How to control an infestation?

Good hygiene standards will need to be maintained as this will highlight the problem at the early stages.

Our qualified technician will investigate how infested the property is and treat the property to eradicate the

problem. It is advisable to remain out of the property or room for at least 4 hours after treatment and not to

vacuum for at least five days after treatment. Please note we may recommend more than one treatment to

resolve severe infestations.

Bed Bugs Aware Training

As problems with Bed bugs is on the increase, more homes and hotels are becoming infested. Croydon Pest

Control are determined to make this problem a pest of the past.

We offer technical advice and training to Hotel house keeping staff . This training is one hour long, all we need

from you is a room that is awaiting cleaning and staff training time.

The cost of training for up to 12 staff members will be minimal when offset against the cost of rooms which you

are unable to use due to an infestation or the cost of treating the infestation and more importantly your reputation.


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